North East Indianapolis Public Meeting Agenda

Action Plan to Combat Crime

On February 6, 2020, BRAG held a public meeting as part of an effort to look at what appears to be an upward crime trend that North East Indy has seen over the past few months. The Indianapolis Metro PD, Northeast Indy City/County Council Members Dan Boots and Ethan Evans discussed the current situation and suggested solutions from their prospective. Mayor Hogsett’s Neighborhood Advocate for North Indy, Natalie VanDongen and approximately 200 area residents participated, discussed their concerns and made suggestions.

Mark Flanary, BRAG’s Executive Director, opened the meeting and serve as moderator for the evening. The objectives for this meeting were to:

  • Provide residents a snapshot of crime in our area, based on the actual data.

  • Provide you the opportunity to hear the information about the robbery at the Subway on Shadeland. Not having accurate information following a violent crime tends to cause the rumor mill to circulate inaccurate information. (This is an active investigation so some details could not be discussed.)

  • Provide those in attendance suggestions on how to reduce the likelihood they would become a victim of a crime.

We want to thank Castleton United Methodist Church allowing us to use their facility for this public forum. This Feb. 6th meeting was oriented towards area residents. In the coming weeks BRAG and /or the IMPD will hold additional meetings with business leaders looking at crime issues and suggested prevention measures. Other meetings are being planned to start and improve area residential crime watch groups.

Commander Michael Wolley from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)'s North District recently released the following information regarding crime incidents in the BRAG area for January through October 2018.

(Please note that 2018 numbers run from January through October of 2018)

Incidents of vehicle-related larceny experienced the most significant decline between 2017 and 2018, whereas incidents of criminal homicide remained at zero. While we at BRAG are excited to see this decline in crime, we encourage residents and business owners to remain vigilant and connected to your neighbors in order to combat crime in our community.

The BRAG Board Members are in the process of setting our goals and objectives for the coming year. In order to focus on those things that are most important to the residents and businesses that we serve, we needed to be sure we had a clear view of what was important to you.

To measure what you felt were the most important local issues; BRAG asked you to our complete an online survey. Since BRAG was founded, 14 years ago, our organization has worked to meet community needs and looked for opportunities that could be used for the benefit of residents in our area. We have had a number of success stories, which I won’t take time to list here. What we need to point out is that our success has not come from the effort of 8 or 10 board members. Our success has come from the large percentage of residents and businesses in our area that role up their sleeves and get involved in making North East Indy a better place to Live, Work & Play. You efforts and willingness to get involved has given us a great deal of credibility with our city and state government officials.

For this reason we wanted share the results of this survey, so you can see the big picture from what hundreds of you told us. This will direct our focus for 2019. Thank you for your role in building a better community.

- A message from George Wright, BRAG Board President

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