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When BRAG was formed in 2005, the primary focus was to revitalize the retail corners at 71 st and Binford Boulevard. This effort resulted in a vibrant retail destination featuring a variety of shopping, dining, and service options. As BRAG continued to grow in its membership and scope of influence, the City of Indianapolis began to take notice. The Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) conducted The Binford Village Study to determine a long-term development plan for the area. The Greater Indianapolis Neighborhood Initiative (GINI), administered by LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), awarded BRAG a grant to further study our needs and help with our development into a viable, thriving neighborhood organization. A common result of both of these studies was that while BRAG has a blend of retail, schools, places of worship, restaurants, and other destinations within a 10-minute walk of many homes, these were only safely accessible by car due to the lack of safe walkways. Therefore, a committee was formed within BRAG to address this deficiency. And although the names of the committee have changed over the years, the goal has remained the same: to create safe sidewalks or trails that will provide the opportunity to bike, walk, run, and otherwise be connected to the amenities in the BRAG area.
As we approach our 15 year anniversary, it is exciting to look back at the progress we have achieved thus far.


The major milestones of initial focus were  


1. Provide connectivity along 4 major thoroughfares

  • 71st Street from Allisonville Road to Hague Road

  • 75th Street from Graham Road to Hague Road

  • Hague Road from 71st Street to 82nd Street

  • Shadeland Avenue from 82nd Street to Fall Creek


2. Provide safe pedestrian crossings at major intersections.  

We continue to work toward our goal of making our streets safely accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transportation users so that those who do not, choose not to or can no longer drive can enjoy the wonderful amenities of our BRAG community.  

Our focus now is to show support and push our state legislators to fund the development of the Nickel Plate Trail from 96th street to the Fair Grounds. 


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